Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is Groupapa?

A:Groupapa is an online community where neighbors share recommendations about contractors and service providers for home improvement projects. Groupapa is also a great place to find deals and coupons posted by local contractors.

Q:Had a good experience with a local contractor?

A:Make a recommendation on Groupapa. It's the neighborly thing to do.

Q:Want to find deals offered by reputable contractors in your neighborhoods?

A:Check out Groupapa's deal page.

Q:How is Groupapa different than other deal sites?

A:Groupapa was founded by homeowners who tried other services, were disappointed, and decided to build a online community for people with similar home improvement needs. Unlike some sites, Groupapa gives home owners an easy way to find reputable contractors. Read contractor recommendations from your neighbors and nearby homeowners without paying a subscription fee! And unlike most deal-of-the-day and review sites, Groupapa doesn't try to be everything to everyone. Groupapa focuses solely on home improvement. We closely monitor home improvement trends and tailor our offerings to home owner needs.

Q:I'm new to Groupapa, how do I get started?

A:Sign up as a member and join a neighborhood to see recommendations made by your neighbors. Also, search for Groupapa Trusted Contractors and deals that are close to you. See something you like? Get a coupon on the Deals page.

Q:If I sign up, will you send me junk email or sell my information?

A:No way! Groupapa is serious about privacy. We don't sell user information and you won't get junk mail from us.

Q:What types of deals can I find at Groupapa?

A:When you think home improvement, think Groupapa. From landscaping to painting to a new fence (and many more), use Groupapa to find reputable, local contractors and service providers offering great prices.

Q:Does everyone in a group have to get exactly the same service or product?

A:No! Group buying at Groupapa doesn't limit your options. You can work with the service provider to get exactly what you want at a great price.

Q:Do I pay Groupapa?

A:Nope. Gropuapa helps you get a great deal, but you will pay the service provider directly. Registered Groupapa users have access to redeem coupons from local reputable contractors.

Q:Who can join a neighborhood?

A:Any registered Groupapa user can join a neighborhood and share recommendations and reviews of top contractors in the neighborhood.